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    durablis completed roomTriton Materials was started by two brothers running a contracting company in the heart of long island’s flood zone and repairing the devastation for almost 40 years. They have witnessed firsthand the damage caused by rising waters and the aftermath of it. They struggled to repair the flooding in their own homes.

    Faced with the task of rebuilding these 100’s of homes, they thought if only there was a product that was permanently flood resistant that you would never have to replace again. When these products were introduced to them, they immediately took interest. They decided to market this product and incorporated Triton Materials. They found DuraBlis to be the most efficient System on the market. In further discussions and closely working with the Research and Development division of DuraBlis they are constantly coming up with new and innovative ideas.

    Working with DuraBlis, they put together a showroom conveniently located in the heart of one of the most flood prone areas in the country. On display, Triton Materials has many examples of different applications for their products. They believe in their products and the need for them in our industry.

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